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Get the managed IT services purpose-built to protect your business.

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Houston IT services

Kipious Tech's services unleash layered security into all function of IT.

We begin by collecting system details to offer an accurate quote now and establish a benchmark for future comparisons.

Once a security vulnerability is identified our tools swiftly address bugs and establish a secure computing environment.

Designed to support end-users, enabling you to direct your attention to your business, while we take care of your team's IT necessities.

Systems are continuously changing. It's crucial to remain vigilant for updates, alerts and anomalies proactively.

We carry out scheduled equipment maintenance encompassing patch management and essential security updates within the system.

We offer and maintain the tools, procedures, expertise, and guidance for proficiently managing IT incidents.

Backup is essential to protect your data from ransomware. With our cloud-first backup for servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 data, we provide appliance-free direct-to-cloud data protection.

Smarter disaster recovery thinks outside the overpaid box. With our disaster recovery service, we deliver business-class disaster recovery at up to 60% lower TCO. Be confident your backups are recovery ready, saving staff time on testing.

We provide antivirus, antispyware, web protection, various intrusion prevention capabilities across all your devices.

Every quarter our team collaborates with yours for high-level IT discussions pinpointing risks and areas for enhancements.

Small Business IT Solutions



We will ensure that your hardware and software adhere to cybersecurity best practices consistently


Acquire the time and resources required to concentrate on strategic business transformation


With reliable services & trusted partnership, you can relax knowing that our team of experts has your systems covered and well-maintained

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